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  Melton hot melt dispensing applications

  Melton hot melt dispensing systems are available off-the-shelf for a variety of applications and industries.
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Non wovens
Product Assembly
Melton products
Product Assembly
Melton hot melt systems for packaging applications offer:

• Consistent, high-quality bonds. • Highest production speeds.
• Reduced adhesive usage.

Melton hot melt technology for Nonwoven's applications include an extensive range of applicators for construction assembly of sanitary products such as baby diapers, feminine towels, tissues and other hygienic products. Melton technology reduces adhesive costs as well as improves product quality for lamination, elastic attachment and tape coating.
Melton offers a variety of ergonomic, manual and automatic head hot melt applicator systems to meet a variety of product assembly applications as needed in operations such as
mattress assembly.

Melton hot melt dispensing equipment offers uncompromised solutions for any production requirement.

Melt units, hoses, guns, replacement parts, shure/glue Melton additional products.

Print finishing
Print finishing

Melton slot coating dispensing systems, available for hot melt and PUR adhesives, apply controlled adhesive coatings onto different profiles widths. MA adju stable guns can be attuned during this process to allow for quick profile changes. Melton application heads reach the uppermost level of production in production level requirements.

The MEB adjustable slot coating gun has been developed to deliver an accurate and uniform hot melt coating and has been designed to adapt to the wood edge's position in the process line. The closed system maintains the adhesive's properties to provide high quality bonding , also permitting special operations with critical adhesives such as PUR and EVA.

Melton has an extensive selection of applicators designed specifically for use in the textile industry:

• Back coating process for carpets
• Multiple layer lamination

As well as other custom needs.

• Melton products take part in filter manufacturers reaching efficient production and improve productivity in component bonding using diverse polyamides, urethanes, and other hot melt materials.

• Melton systems provide solid and consistent finishing of hot melt adhesive for component bonding.

• The Melton ICE Series now offers higher technology by using a complete thermoplastic injection system to manufacture electrical connectors with accurate and controlled parameters .

• Melton dispensing systems take part in the motor manufacturing process by providing the sand mold with an extra strong seal before allowing the injection process to start.

• Melton Hot melt systems offer a variety of component configurations for deposition patterns and assure accurate adhesive placement to ensure optimal insulation bonding

Melton hot melt systems for print finishing applications meet industry requirements for high speed and accuracy. Applicators are available for a variety of pattern requirements including spot gluing, ribbon-coating and swirl-spray.

Melton hot melt equipment is compatible for use with all hot-melt adhesives including low-temperature and PUR formulations.

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